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Night time is party time in Amsterdam. Stroll along to see musicians, magicians, and jugglers, or step into one of the many jazz clubs, beer houses, or restaurants.

If you want to explore European nightlife, chances are high that you will be listening to live music. In Amsterdam the nightlife takes off late, but once started seems to be a never ending story. At most venues nothing really gets going until after midnight. However, the warm-up starts earlier in the evening at the countless cafés and bars in the city centre and /or popular districts. Later on the scene shifts to the discos, live-music venues and clubs. The nightlife in Netherland covers a wide field from giant mainstream discos through glamorous jet set magnets and underground clubs and all the way to comfy dancing venues for the young at heart. To event it all, just flip through Mynide.

If it’s your first time in Netherland, Mynide is a great Guide to experience old Netherland and its new Style fits. These pubs are cozy, closed-in places where everyone knows everyone else’s names. Ask Mynide to plan your whimsical affair all over Netherland!

What is Mynide?

Mynide - Half price on clubs and bars all over Germany, Netherlands & France!

Mynide is an online Happy-Hour, which gives you access to deals in bars in Amsterdam, other cities of Germany, Netherlands & France. It works quite simple:

  • You will find an offer that you like, either on the website later on iPhone or Android app.
  • You show the ticket number you have gotten in an SMS in the bar.
  • You get what you have ordered.


Mynide is more than a deal-site. - You will also find guidance for the bars in your city. Search the music you like, what type of crowd and what type of place you like. As oppose to regular deal-sites, you can buy a ticket and use it in the same second you get a confirmation. This means you are able to do this while standing in line. Preventing you from buying a ticket you might forget to use.

The project includes:

Project Management, Logo Design, Graphics, Web Design and Web Development

Technology Used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • CSS

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