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Arogya Bharat

Arogya Bharat

 "Arogya Bharat” ! The Info Media of Healthcare.

Here one can get almost every information needed for the care and cure. Through “Arogya Bharat” everyone can surf and know about every “wh” question related to health care.
What to do?
Where to go?
How to go/reach ?
To whom?… etc.

Other Important features:-

*Information of pathology labs & Radiology centers- tests,timings,charges,contacts, address etc.

*Doctors with their professional information –
Education, Experience, Clinic/Hospital address,timings and

*List of private and Charitable hospitals clinics and Health centers.

*Information about healthcare NGO’s.

*Doctor’s appoinment booking services for the patients.

* Tele / Video Consultation for patients.

*Special treatment packages and discounts offered by doctors and hospitals.

* Free treatment Offers and health check up camps offered by NGOs, doctors and hospitals.

*Seminar & health awareness programs.

*Pharmaceutical & medicinal services and information.

*Other healthcare & homecare (Rental wheel chairs/beds/caretaker)services providers Information.

* Health Insurance Information and advisors directory.

*News, Articles / Blogs, Videos from healthcare experts.

*Ambulance services & Blood Bank numbers as a emergency Services.

*Paramedical personnel’s profile.

* Jobs and career information for healthcare people.

The project includes:

Technology Used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • CSS

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